Cody's Portfolio


Automatic face touch detection web app!

Using new Google ML models, including a 3D facemesh and handpose, we created a web app that detects when your hand is touching your face and notifies you! But don't take my word for it! You can test the app out here.

Bed Presence Detection & Recognition

Using off-the shelf sensors to create home automations & signal processing to determine who's in bed!

As part of my winter quarter at University of Washington's GIX program, I created a workflow to help automate waking up and getting out of bed in the morning! By analyzing the data from the sensors, I learned that I could determine whether my partner or I was sleeping depending on the pattern of movements each of us make at night. You can read the papers I wrote for TECHIN 513: Signal Processing here and TECHIN 512: Intro to Sensors & Circuits here.

CoMotion MACS

Makerspace Access Control System

Working with University of Washington CoMotion's IT, I helped implement an access control system which helps users stay safe using equipment in the MakerSpace. Via their Husky IDs or RFID cards, users are able to tap to access equipment such as a lasercutter. Since the lasercutter pictured is a higher wattage than supported by the Fabman Bridge, we created a custom interface for turning access to the lasercutter on via an Arduino Uno and a hacked USB switch, which saves thousands of dollars in electrical installation costs and reduces the possibility of future burnt laser lenses. You can see this control system by clicking this link!

MakerSpace Safety Quiz Automated Pass/Fail Mailer

This is an automated pass/fail mailer I wrote which is taken by all users of the CoMotion MakerSpace prior to their ability to use the space. It has been taken thousands of times in the past year. I recreated a test version which you can take and receive an email for at this link! The code which processes these quizzes can be found here.

VR Marimba

Creating and hacking a virtual instrument into a valid MIDI input device during a hackathon.

Working with friends and new faces, our team setup a Marimba created in Unity as an actual MIDI input, allowing users to make the virtual marimba sound like any instrument and tweak its sound inside the respective program. For an explanation of how this works see this link. You can find the code my teammates wrote here.

PC Build

For design work, macOS, and gaming!

I have always wanted to build a computer, and I finally got the chance to do so! I am very pleased with the result, and am writing this text from the same standing/sitting desk which this computer sits on! I also wanted to run macOS on this computer, which means I needed to learn how to install the operating system on "unsupported" hardware. Well, this hardware has pretty blinking lights! See this link for a short video of the action!