Summary of Cody's Portfolio

CoMotion MACS

Makerspace Access Control System

Working with University of Washington CoMotion IT, I led a team to implement an access control system, which helps users stay safe using equipment in the MakerSpace. Via their Husky IDs or RFID cards, users are able to tap to access equipment such as a lasercutter.

CSC143 (Java II) Contribution

During Java II, I setup a Slack team which consistently saw more users and activity throughout the quarter (as seen on the graph on the left). By working together with my classmates, I was able to succeed in learning the basics of Java.

VR Marimba

Creating and hacking a virtual instrument into a valid MIDI input device during a hackathon.

We're able to setup a Marimba created in Unity as an actual MIDI input, which allows you to make the virtual marimba sound like any instrument and tweak its sound inside the respective program.